20 Creative Conversation Starters to impress girls

20 Creative Conversation Starters to impress girls

It's simple but not easy to talk with girls especially when you haven't talked to any girl before. Women notice everything; the way you talk, your tone, and even the time you take to message them. The faster you reply, the more they' ll be impressed by you.

But what to talk about, when you don't even know how to start the conversation? Well, it's simple, you first have to figure out her interests and then start talking with her. If a girl doesn't like humor, don't try to impress her with your humor, your bros can laugh at your jokes, but there's a huge probability that she'll mind.

So, how to talk to girls in a way to impress them? Dive into the post to see some most creative conversation starters.

20 Conversation Starters for Talking to a Girl

Girls have different talking styles, but most of them like talking about two topics; either deep talks or funny talks. So, you have to know both.

9 Deep Creative Conversation Starters for talking to a girl

9 Deep Creative Conversation Starters for talking to a girl

You can start the talk by asking about their role model or what inspires them. Women love it when a guy asks about their goals instead of random chit-chat. It shows that you are really interested in talking to them seriously.

  1. Who's your role model and what inspiration do you get from him/her?
  2. Are you good at decision-making, ever had a hard time making a decision?
  3. Are you scared about the future or do you solely focus on the present?
  4. Do you have a bucket list? I would love to see your travel and overall goals.
  5. Have you accomplished any of your goals yet?
  6. Do you think the overuse of technology and AI revolution can change the world in the coming years?
  7. What angers you the most?
  8. Have you ever missed someone badly?
  9. What scares you the most?

10 Funny Creative Conversation Starters for talking to a girl

10 Funny Creative Conversation Starters for talking to a girl

You can start the funny conversation by sharing any of the funny incidents in your life or you can ask them if they had any.

  1. Have you ever heard a joke that made everyone laugh except you?
  2. Have you ever attended a stand-up show?
  3. Who's your favourite standup comedian?
  4. Do you believe in weird conspiracy stories that clearly seem fake?
  5. Have you ever experienced a funny incident?
  6. Imagine if a lion starts talking, would it still be that scary?
  7. Are there any funny or Oops moments in your life?
  8. Have you ever worn something funny in public?
  9. What was your favourite funny cartoon show in childhood? (Mine was Mr. Bean)
  10. Do you ever have a weird funny dream?

4 Conversation Tips for Talking to a Girl

Tip #1: Give them Confidence

Tip 1: Give them Confidence

If someone feels insecure in your presence, they'll never talk to you again. So it's crucial for you to make them feel comfortable. How?

Give compliments to them.

You can compliment them on anything, their facial features, dressing sense, food choice, or anything. In this way, they will feel more comfortable and warm up in your presence.

And no one wants to lose a guy who gives you compliments on trivial things. Also, don't look so egoistic or self-obsessed when it comes to talking with women. Girls don't like men who are so self-conscious and keep on talking about themselves, fading their charm.

Tip #2: Avoid Silence

Tip 2: Avoid Silence

Silence brings awkwardness while talking to a girl. So if you've asked about their interests, then you need to find some similarities and keep the conversation energetic.

If a specific movie is their favourite then you need to ask them about all their favourite movies, and most probably any of the movies will also be your favourite, so you will be able to keep the conversation going by talking about the actors and actresses in that movie. Plus you can share your favourite scenes in that movie and ask from them too.

You just have to find related talks about the topic and your conversation will flow smoothly.

Tip #3: Be invested!

If you're talking to a girl, be invested. Actively listen to them and give responses instead of being blank or distracted by anything else.

Giving attention is the purest form of respect and you should have to give respect and show them that you're really interested in talking to them.

Tip 3: Be invested!

If you're chatting online then you have to take care of the speed of your responses, don't just let them be seen. Response to each of their messages fastly.

On the other hand, if you're meeting them in person then work on your eye contact, so even if you lose focus during the conversation they'll not find it that you're unconscious.

Tip #4: Avoid Boring or Conflicted Topics

Tip 4: Avoid Boring or Conflicted Topics

Politics is considered a very harsh and controversial topic to discuss while talking to anyone. And especially if you're thinking about talking to a girl, don't ever talk about Politics. Both of you might have different political views which may result in a fight or bad talking experience.

Also, avoid talking about your interests such as cricket or anything of this sort. You can let them know your interests briefly but don't take it too long to describe everything in detail.

Women are usually not interested in men's talk, so there will be a huge chance that you'll bore them with these topics.

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It's hard to impress a woman. But when you know how to talk well, there is a 99% chance that she will be impressed by you.

You need to sound confident but not rude, be gentle, and ask them about their interests. If they like books, ask about their favourite authors and talk more about that topic. If they like any other thing, you can talk about it by showing interest.